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It may be a “best-kept secret,” but central Texas has some of the best spots for fly fishing in America. With Texas native and fly fishing expert Aaron Reed as your guide, enjoy dozens of wades and paddles, all within easy reach of Austin. Discover secluded spring creeks braced by soaring limestone cliffs. Wade in broad pools dotted with lily pads and stands of water willow. Fish in neighborhood ponds and float deep, slow rivers. Easy-to-follow narrative, detailed maps, and gorgeous color photographs make it easy to “Go fishing now!” even if you have only a few hours to spare.

There’s something for every angler in central Texas. Visit the nation’s southernmost trout fishery in the Canyon Lake tailwaters. Find seven species in a single day, including the native Guadalupe bass and the Rio Grande cichlid. Fly Fishing Austin and Central Texas is your passport to the challenges and rewards of angling in this unique and beautiful region.

A look inside:
* 49 detailed on-the-water route descriptions, referred to as “wades,” on 12 featured streams
* Directions to more than 100 legal access points on 19 streams and creeks in Central Texas
* Full-color maps showing stream access points
* More than 300 full-color photographs
* Dozens of local angler-friendly hangouts
* Successful local fly patterns created by expert tyers
* Local and natural history: Alligators, jaguars, and at least one dinosaur
* Descriptions of common flora and fauna found along central Texas streams
* Comprehensive Texas river law primer
* Tips for taking kids fishing.
* Advice for selecting rods, reels, and line for local conditions and species
* Local fly shops and guide services
* The mysterious story of Round Rock’s “Hairy Man”
* Where to find and how to catch trophy rainbow trout
… And much, much more!

* Updates from the publisher of Aaron’s book can be found on The Local Angler series home site here.


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Aaron ReedAaron Reed is an award-winning outdoor writer and Army veteran. He currently splits his time between his native Texas Gulf coast, where he drives a tugboat, and his home near the banks of the San Gabriel River in Georgetown, Texas. When he is not working, chances are you can find him knee-deep in a stream somewhere around Austin, often with his wife and one or more of his three boys, trying like heck to become a better fly fisherman. Additional information about gear, recipes, events and all things related to fly fishing around Central Texas can be found on Aaron’s BlueCollarFlyFishing site.

The Local Angler Fly Fishing Austin and Central Texas will be released by Imbrifex Books in May, 2020.  A party to celebrate the publication of Aaron’s first book will be held the Mesquite Creek Outfitters in Georgetown, Texas on May 7th. Drinks and hors d’oeuvres will be served. All are welcome. The party kicks off at 6:30 pm at 704 South Austin Avenue. Come join us for the first of The Local Angler series of books!